Trek to Kedarkantha (Altitude: 12500 feet)

Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Its elevation is 12,500 ft. Kedarkantha is located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district.

I did this trek through Trek the Himalayas .(

Deharadun to Sankri :

Journey started early morning by bus from deharadun to Sankri . Sankri is the last village connected by road and electricity . Trekks from kedarkantha,har ki dun starts from this village . Its a very small village with population of just few hundreds .

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The journey is about 7-8 hours .The route from deharadun to sankri is amazing. You get beautiful scenic views . We waited midway for snacks , Enjoyed local food there . The road passes through Govind wildlife scentury . You can see mighty Tons river flowing .



We take a halt at river side. The water was icy cold . As soon as u put legs in it u starts shivering . You get mesmerised by surrounding beauty .
We reached Sankri village by around 6 pm.  This is a last point in our trek where electricity and mobile network(only BSNL) is available . So we charged up our power banks, called up home .
Sankri to Juda ka Talab :
Altitude : 9100 feet 
Distance:4 km 
We packed up our bags and started early morning. watching surrounding,enjoying nature we started walking  . local people,small kids were greeting  us. They were very curious (might be thinking Why the hell these city people comes to rocky mountains where no electricity,mobile is there ..) . after walking for 5-10 minutes on normal road , mountain climb starts . Now no bikes/car,mobile,electricity for 4 days . We were walking through moderately dense pine forest . you comes across  few  water streams .


 At some places climb was tricky , supporting each other we moved ahead. Though actual distance is only 4 km but due to terrain it seems like 10 -12 km. After walking for around 5-6 hours we reached our base camp .   Now we come to know why this place is named afer : Juda ka talab . Here its a small lake . Speciality is its frozen !! yes its frozen !! you can walk over it .


 Part of this lake does not gets sun light and as temperature can go below 0 it get froze.
Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base 
Altitude: 9,100 feet to 11,250 feet.
Distance: 4 km
Today we are passing through quite dense oak forest . The climb is bit steeper n trickier one.
We spotted some of rare n beautiful Himalayan birds . you get amazing view of himalayan mountain peaks. One of the famous is swargrohini .



We reached our base camp after walking around 2-3 hours .
Here at night temperature was -4.   The clear night sky we one can see from here is awesome. You can see many constellations ,planets . Our galaxy : milky way belt clearly .
Can u see the whitish  belt in bellow pic.. Thats our galaxy 🙂


                       Chandani raat hogi .. Taron ki baraat hogi …

                                 Our “Million STAR” hotel 🙂
 Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha peak; descend to Hargaon camp:
Altitude: 11,250 feet to 12,500 feet to 8,900 feet. 
6 kms trek, approx 7 hours. 
This is very important day of trek as we supposed to climb till kedarkantha peak .
We started early morning 4 o clock . We were walking with our torches on . It was bit tricky to find a way in rocky terrain with torch light. Thanks to our guide we made it .
As you climbs higher oxygen level in air reduces. You starts getting bit headache .you need to keep seeping water .  
Now slowly dawn light was getting spread over the mountains. You can see different color shades on horizon . 




 At 12000 feet, when cold mountain wind goes through your ears , it sends shivers through spine ..and  when you see rising sun through mountains .. Thats it .. Its like time stands still .you forgets the self . and becomes part of whole of it . 




                    Beautiful shadows of mountain ranges ..

bekhauff Parinda …


After climbing more 500 feet we reached summit !! Kedarkantha peak . The view from here is mesmerising. you see many mountain peaks, its like sea, n peaks are waves of it .
  I dreams of God …





There is one small shiv temple here.. ” Bolo bham”
After spending 1-2 hours at peak we started our return journey . The descend is quite steep. As its said in mountaineering while descending one has to be extra cautious .


After walking for few hours we reached our base camp. This part of trek was quite tired some. We reached the base camp at around 3 pm .
Hargaon camp to Sankri :
8900 feet to 6400 feet .
distance: 6 km
After breakfast we started our journey to base camp.  we were moving through moderately dense pine forests . Enjoying beautiful views of valley, mountain peaks we moved on . We even sighted some beautiful rare Himalayan birds.
I was  just trying to get grasp of as much Himalaya as I can …  after walking few hours reached our starting village .
Its an  amazing trek. I made many friends from Delhi to Gujarat. Maharashtra to Bangalore. Engineers to doctors , School teacher to army officer . Food was amazing. every day for diner we were getting gulab  jamun, kheer n much more .Our trek leader Nitin was very skilled n helpful. I will like to say  special thanks to medical students  due to whom only I was able to complete this trek . As on first day itself suffering from stomach infection .  Their pill worked wonder for me .
some random pics…




Thanks for reading … Will come up with my next trip…
Photo credits: Devedra,Ravi,Jinal,Sapan,Ojas ,Tanamy  and others 

Hampta pass Trek (14000 feet)

Hamta Pass lies at an altitude of 4270 m on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. It is a small corridor between Lahaul and Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh

I did this trek through YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India). .

Our base camp was at Manali (15 miles).  On a first day we had a acclimatization walk . We visited near by Manali village, white-grey color soil, clean area, fresh air .   It is very beautiful village.   Every house garden has apple trees  . Trees were filled with beautiful red-pink apples. We were getting feel of bollywood movie.
We observed uniquely build houses . These are build using rocks & wood. This combination protects them in earthquake
 Villagers are very simple and generous . They gave us 2-3 apples freely .
After a brief walk we were instructed to pack the bags for higher camps. We have to pack the bags for 4 days .so we have been given instructions to pack essential items but to maintain minimum bag weights as well .
Trek to Sethan (9184 feet) 8 km 
Our 1st camp was at Sethan village . From Manali base camp we had a bus till village Prini . From there we started our trek to Sethan village . The route was of small road , It’s not much rocky but uphill climb . . After walking for 2-3 hours we came across local -dhaba -maggi corner . we had a snacks there .


You get a very nice views of mountains, covered by clouds, tall pine trees, greenery, chilling air.


After taking rest , we moved ahead . After uphill climb for 2-3 hours We reached Sethan village. It’s a small village of few families.  This is last camp where electricity and mobile network(only bsnl) is available .so everyone called up their family members and told not to worry for 3-4 days.

Trek from Sathen to Chikka (10824 feet) 8 kms 
After breakfast & tea we started our journey towards next camp. For 3-4 km its normal route . than rocky -muddy route starts. You moves through  light-dense pine forests .you can enjoy flowing river side by side .The vistas you get here are awesome. Strongly standing Himalayan Mountains make your mind stronger to move on and on.. to view more wonderful view of nature.


Now climb gets rockier and quite difficult . By helping each other we moved on .


We came across small maggi corner . I was really surprised how these people bring resources these far ; where we trekkers got tired just after walking little distance . we unpacked our lunch there  .It’s very beautiful place, cold mountain wind and sound of flowing Hampta river .. Awesome Experience.



We crossed the Hampta river by narrow wooden bridge . The bridge is such that only one person can cross it at a time .

Then we come across rocky – uphill mountain climb . We come across many fresh water streams . you can refill your water bottle here .


After walking for around 2 hours we reached our camp .

 It was at the side of river Hampta. very awesome place. At one side roaring Hampta river & other three sides beautiful mountain.  River water is ice -chilled .You wont dare to put your feet for more than few seconds in it.

At night you gets a amazing view of sky . you can see many constellations, milky way belt clearly . The whole sky appears as sea shore filled with sand.

Trek from Chikka to Balu Gera :11800 feet 10 kms

It’s our 3rd day of trek .Now we were going to the heights of 11800 feet . The climb is rocky & uphill .
You get a very beautiful view  of mountains, rocky path, flowing water stream and moving clouds in the sky.


Now we come across a river crossing patch .It was strong water current of width 10-11 fit n depth of 2-3 fit.  Guides gave us instructions on river crossing .

We crossed the river by making chain – holding each other hands.  The water was very chill . By the time we reached other end we all were shaking . You continues to get amazing vistas till we reach our base camp .



At base camp weather was chilling cold. you can’t get out without covering whole body with snow clothes  . Views you gets from base camps are awesome. Mountains covered by green grass, plants, pine trees, and clouds.


Trek to Hampta pass  – Siagoru 14000 fit :  13 km

We have been told that this is very challenging  and difficult patch of trek . It includes around 8-9 km of ascend & then descend of 4-5 km .We started early morning. Now the route is rockier . As we started climbing upwards tree line was reducing . We have been told that as one moves up in mountain  you will feel oxygen shortage . I  was getting little headache . We have been advised to drink water constantly  as body gets oxygen through water .



The mountain views were amazing!! You can see snow clad mountain peaks .

The Himalayans densed snow covered mountains peaks seduces you . It make you forgot your tiredness & gives energy to move ahead .

The route is very narrow only one person could move at a time
. At other side its steep valley , We have been told to walk with inclined towards mountain .
After trekking for around 8-9 km descend starts .As you starts descending you starts getting regular oxygen .
Descending route is also very narrow. sometimes you have to make way for shepherds coming with their horses .


We had a camp at Siaaguru . This is known as  cold desert .

Trek from Siaaguru to chattru( 9512 feet, 9kms) n Back to base camp Manali through Rohatang pass 


This is our return journey. We have to cross the ice chilled glacier water current . Water was extremely cold as its coming from melting glacier.
  Then we have to descend through beautiful SPITI valley…



Do you think paradise is beautiful than this?

Here river Chenab originates ..which goes to Pakistan ahead..( sigh..)

River Chenab

Then the bus travel which no one from us will ever forget : Rohatang pass :
This is very narrow,bumpy  road . in zigzag manner . As bus was going through it every one was praying to their gods. The view of valley you gets from here is spectacular .
In this trek I met peoples from various parts of country ,some from gujarath,hariyana ,delli,Mumbai,pune some from tamilnadu,manglore .. Its very unique –awesome experience. On 1st day everyone was stranger on last day great friends..


My flight was after 1 day so I got 1 day to explore manali .

It has Hadimba temple , Buddhist monasataries.  Manali market is good place for timepass. You can get good soveniers from here .


Hadimba Temple